• Caravan and Boat Transport

Caravan and Boat Transport

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Eclipse has a fleet of trucks that are ideal for transporting caravans and boats alike. Our trucks can handle all caravans and boats up to those weighing 12 tons and 8 metres in length. We only employ the best people for the job, and our crew of fully-accredited operators take great pride in ensuring the transport of your vehicle is as painless as possible. Transporting your caravan or boat by road is vastly less expensive than utilizing alternative means of transport such as maritime or air transportation. This form of transport is also far less likely to be impacted by environmental factors like bad weather, there’s no excessive engine hours, no risk of a mid-ocean breakdown and no extravagant fuel expenses. The pairing of our professional crew and high-quality equipment has cemented Eclipse as leaders of on-road caravan and boat transportation.

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